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who update [May. 7th, 2013|09:50 am]
Cold War
Solidly ennjoyable monster-based episode. The sub makes for a tense and claustrophobic atmosphere, and the Ice Warrior is a decent update. We never saw all of him out of the suit, which was probably a good move ie better than an unconvincing CGI beast. Then at the end instead of some cunning plan we're basically just forced to hope he has some sense of compassion.

Nerds everywhere went crazy for David Warner - his character's love of western pop music was a nice touch. I was also happy to see Brutus out of Rome getting work!

Probably my favourite of the season so far. Starts off as a haunted house story, pushing the scariness about as far as you can get away with on saturday teatime TV. Then it changes gear and goes into scifi territory. I felt there was something fascinatingly ominous, about the concept of being stuck in a grey, lifeless crumbling little parallel universe.

We also got a good scene where Clara wonders just what a mortal like us, with our brief little lifespans, can matter to a guy who flicks between the beginning and end of the earth as easily as we drive to the supermarket.

Ending maybe a bit sentimental but I liked the extra twist of the hideous monsters actually just wanting to be together again.

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS
Exposure to the Eye of Harmony turns you into an ossified zombie? Okay. Felt rather like an under-developed excuse to have some Monsters to run away from. The brothers didn't add much either. And the ending was one of those that had me slightly confused and having to rewatch to figure out what just happened. (much like Moffat finales).

Also, reset button endings can be annoying, just when the doctor\clara relationship was beginning to move forward a bit? Although reset may not have been total.

Lots of cool things to see this episode, but somehow disappointing overall.

The Crimson Horror
Wasn't quite sure if Mr Sweet was an intelligent being working with Gillyflower or just a beast she used to harvest toxin? But she was suitably crazy and chilling, at least. And we had the imagery of victorian industrial grimness leading into total insanity of bioweapons and a victorian V2. So again I file this under "solidly enjoyable".

Good to see the victorian trio. I always get a laugh out of Strax the little potato man with his love of big guns.
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rings of akhaten [Apr. 8th, 2013|09:42 am]
Much more memorable than last week. Felt quite epic, if a bit constrained by budget. But I did like the concept of the angry god that feeds on souls, defined here as stories\life experiences\associated emotions. And here comes the doctor with so many amazing, awful, wonderful, soul destroying stories that it gets nearly overwhelmed. (then Clara finishes it off).

Music was maybe a bit overdone? I was wondering if it should be kept to the singing without the orchestral stuff kicking in. But it did add a lot of emotional impact to the doctor\planet-god confrontation.

Also I'm liking Clara slightly more with each ep.
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I like his old-fashioned coat, anyway [Apr. 1st, 2013|03:50 pm]
This year's return of Doctor Who was... alright? Really we're just setting up Clara as a regular. So, yeah, the Doctor is dragging a hot young woman in her early 20s around the galaxy. Again. (think outside the box guys. Donna was great). But she didn't actively annoy me the way she has in earlier apperances.

Honestly? I can't get as excited about the show as I used to. And looking back... whereas I could put on something like Babylon 5 and chain-watch an entire series, with Who I only ever want to pick out the best ones. (Dalek, Impossible planet). I wonder if it's always been more inconsistent, or occasionally goofy and forgettable, than I was willing to admit. And RTD big finales always had these goddamn Deus Ex Machinas (or at least, easy resets) going on. Moffat finales are more cleverly written but I always come out thinking "huh" until I've re-read a synopsis a few times.

In other news, Ten and Rose are due to return for the big anniversary special. A friend has guessed this is actually going to be the semi-human alterna-doctor who went off with Rose. Either way it's a little underwhelming as I was expecting them to wheel out a classic like Tom Baker. Sure the old doctors have aged but Who is the kind of show that can casually handwave away such details. Guess it could still happen! I'm sure any of them would be happy to contribute something, except for Ecclestone who seems to have washed his hands of the show.
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one day I was invited to consider answers from the bible [Mar. 2nd, 2013|01:11 pm]
So the Jehovahs witnesses knocked on my door. Something people frequently joke about, but, in this case they weren't trying to hang around and prosletyse, just hand out leaflets. So fair enough, I don't believe in being hostile in this sort of situation.

What I do find interesting tho, is the picture of Jesus drawn on the front. It reminds me how we still frequently portray him as really white! Far whiter than you'd expect for a first century palestinian dude. I wonder why this tradition persists. Just simple cultural inertia? A reluctance to admit he didn't look European?

But it also has me wodnering how he's depicted in other parts of the world. Do africans have pictures of black jesus etc? Or does western cultural influence push White Christ on them too.

(also the pic on the back is jesus on teh cross but since you can't actually see his hands, feet or the cross itself it's more like he's doing some kind of workout).
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(no subject) [Feb. 28th, 2013|01:56 pm]
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can you believe that guy was Shinzon? [Feb. 11th, 2013|12:06 pm]
So I greatly enjoyed Dark Knight Rises. Was worried about the Curse of Three, whereby the third in a superhero series goes off teh rails, but it seems to be mostly averted here. Or ay least, the Nolan trilogy has been of sufficentky high quality that there's room to be the worst and still a cut above most of the genre. I'd say it's up there with Batman Begins, anyway.*

We might have been wondering where you go after Ledger's Joker.. Hardy can't out-act him but still has a great, terrifying presence. It helps that the guy is huge, if there's one thing he has over Joker it's ability to actually threaten batman in a punchup. Also tho you can tell this is a man who somehow inspires the League people to crazy heights of dedication. There is charisma there. Okay and a frankly baffling accent.

Also, like the first two this film has something to say for itself. Well, the message does get a little muddied. It's clearly referring to matters of social inequality, that have been very much on our mind with the global recession and occupy movement. And I don't think it takes sides too readily. We're shown that the rich lead glamorous lives while orphanages shut down. But also, the 99% rising up to claim back the wealth is shown as a goddamn ugly sight. It's not justice, just mobs terrorising people.

but here's the thing. The whole "people take back your city" thing is just Bane stalling for time? Cos he's going to blow it all up anyway. So I wasn't sure how much he actually believed. I mean, the League of Shadows are pretty ruthless towards crime, right? Ras al ghul didn't seem the sort to accept poverty as an excuse. And they thought Gotham was basically a hive of scum and villainy. So I would have thought, to Bane, many of the deprived 99% deserve obliteration?

Few other bits don't quite fit together - did Bane really travel all the way back to the ambiguously-middern-eastern jail just to taunt wayne, then fly back? And even if punching wayne's back fixed his spine, I thought he could barely walk without support?

Another postiive tho, Gary Oldman's Commissioner Gordon has been the unsung hero of the entire trilogy. (remember him driving the prison van in DK?).

And it's a great moment when Batman comes back after 8 years absence, and that old cop says "son you're in for a show tonight".

*which did, for all its "grounded in plausible reality" setup, get rather comic-book-y in the finale.
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Amazing Spider-Man [Jan. 29th, 2013|11:03 am]
So, it feels a bit soon to be rebooting the Spider-man franchise. What's more, we have to sit through the origin story, again. It's all very rather ground being covered. Okay, most viewers aren't comics nerds but the first Raimi spider-man was only 11 years ago. And this isn't doing anything drastically different. Might have been braver to hit the ground running with parker already in the role, and tell a story of their own.

On the other hand, it's really well done. Maguire was a decent Peter Parker but Andrew Garfield is even better. He's not the speccy kid with a huge stack of chemistry textbooks but I think the writers are just trying to update the "outsider" theme for the modern day. He's still into science, still socially a bit awkward, but now he's into skateboards and old cameras.

Also the script throws in some of the banter and wisecracking, characteristic to Spidey but lacking from the Raimi films. All the web-slinging and jumping off walls is exciting stuff too. The important thing is, it has to look totally effortless when dealing with standard muggers and goons.

Lizard is... not a great villain. He at least plausibly ties into the same plot elements that give Spidey his own powers, but he's not particularly charismatic and his plan is standard issue Comic Villain stuff. Captain Stacy sorta fills the JJJ "spider-man is a menace!!!" role but turns out more sympathetic in the end.

One thing puzzled me - Peter's parents suddenly disappear, then apparently die in some accident. I thought we would learn connor was invovled, but that whole plot thread seems to just give up halfway through. I dunno if that's due to changes in the writing or setup for a sequel.

Also: best Stan Lee Cameo yet.

So yeah, a lot in common with 2002's film, but I'd call it narrowly superior.
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there's always Immortal [Jan. 17th, 2013|03:16 am]


0:45 - a brief glimpse of crab-walk headbanging!
2:58 - a DARK WIZARD is summoned
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not done with the blasphemy yet [Jan. 17th, 2013|01:40 am]
Now let's go back to the second wave. Icy fuzz blast of pure grimness!

or here it is in 8 bit if you prefer.

Castlevanian hunger?
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and some more [Jan. 17th, 2013|01:22 am]

I'm not actually wishing horror and chaos on anyone right now. There's no one left to be angry with, save myself. I just find this resonates with me on an emotional level.
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